The 6 Steps To Becoming A B Corp

April 17, 2023

To become a Certified B Corporation, you must meet specific standards set by the non-profit B Lab. Here are some tips to help you through the process:

1.         Learn about B Corps: First, research the B Corp certification process and understand what it means to be a B Corp. This will help you determine if it is the right fit for your business.

2.         Assess your business: Take the B Impact Assessment, a comprehensive tool that evaluates a business's impact on its employees, customers, community, and the environment. The assessment will help you identify areas for improvement.

3.         Make necessary changes: Use the assessment results to make changes and improvements to your business. This may involve implementing sustainable practices, improving employee benefits, or supporting social causes.

4.         Meet the legal requirements: To become a B Corp, you will need to meet the legal requirements for your jurisdiction. This may involve incorporating as a Benefit Corporation. This legal structure requires a company to consider its social and environmental impact in addition to its financial performance.

5.         Submit your application: Once you have made the necessary changes and met the legal requirements, you can submit your application to B Lab for review.

6.         Maintain your certification: Becoming a B Corp is ongoing. You will need to recertify every three years and continue to improve your business practices to maintain your certification.

Becoming a B Corp is a rigorous process. Still, it can help you differentiate your business and attract customers who value social and environmental responsibility.