Our mission is simple. To create outstanding print that regenerates the world’s forests.

Producing sustainable print campaigns that achieve a positive impact.

Imagine a world where print and the environment go hand in hand.

smart, sustainable, mindful.

We are smart, sustainable & mindful.

smart adj.

  1. Intelligent; able to think quickly, learn and apply knowledge
  2. Showing good judgement
  3. Having a stylish and fashionable appearance
Ben Thorne - Head of Sustainability

Ben Thorne

Hiring a Head of Sustainability

Early in 2020 Ben joined the team as our specialist Head of Sustainability, ensuring that our social values and environmental mission remain true, transparent and impactful.



B Corp Logo in Jump Green
Newly planted forest

Measuring & gathering data

We're firm believers that without data, greenwashing is possible. All of our social and environmental projects are data-driven to ensure we maximise our positive impact with transparency.

Radical social and environmental changes

Striving to be game changers in the sustainable print industry, we started to revolutionise the way we focus on our planet and the communities around us.



Sustainable adj.

  1. Meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
  2. Conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources

We regenerate the world’s forests by planting significantly more trees than we use in our operations.

Ecologi is the most transparent company we found who plant trees on behalf of other businesses. They ensure that their forests are protected from future degradation and are planted with diverse tree species.

Over the course of a multi-year partnership, we are confident in their ability to turn our environmental goals into positive impact.

80,754 Mozambique
88,701 Madagascar
79,790 Kenya
10,610 Uganda
551 Others

Total trees planted


We're dedicated to using only 100%

Jump green version of the logo for forestry standards commission

Responsibly Sourced Paper

Eco-friendly paper: seeded, recycled, agricultural waste, or carbon balanced from sustainable sources.

Look for our FSC®-certified products

Small icon for CO2e

CO2 = 0

Innovative printing, eco partnerships enable carbon-neutral material production for a sustainable approach to printed materials.

icon for no plastic

Plastic-free Packaging

Eco-friendly print packaging uses plastic-free, sustainable materials and innovative design to reduce waste and create a greener future.

small icon showing a bolt of lighting

Electric Heating

Electric heating benefits: less emissions, cleaner air, no combustion byproducts. We choose it over gas for a greener, sustainable future.

Icon representing vegetable based inks.

VOC-free Inks

Using VOC-free inks minimises air pollution, improve indoor air quality, reduce emissions, support sustainable print for a healthier environment and well-being.

Solar Power Icon

Green Energy

Green energy for print: cuts carbon, fights climate change, saves costs, and fosters a greener future for the company and the printing industry.

Mindful adj.

  1. Conscious perception of one's surroundings and impacts
  2. Kind, curious and non-judgemental
  3. Focusing awareness on the present moment



in charitable support of Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust

The Childrens Hospital Charity Logo

in charitable support of Amwell View School and Specialist Sports College

Amwell View School logo

in volunteer support of The Conservation Volunteers’ woodland management days

The Conservation Vounteers Woodland Management Days
The jump star donated to The Childrens Hospital Charity

to our staff, as a certified Living Wage Employer

Living Wage Employer Logo

in volunteer support of environmental clean-ups

Marine Conservation Logo
Andrew and Jordynn clearing forest debris
Marine conservation society vest

So far we have dedicated 291 hours to volunteer efforts, contributing to environmental clean-ups and woodland management.

Team member for Monddi taking part in litter picking.

We’re mindful of the world around us, consciously aware that healthy businesses do not run separately to healthy communities.

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