What is Carbon Balanced Paper and why do we use it?

October 12, 2022

Why do we use carbon balanced paper?

By using Carbon Balanced Paper in partnership with the conservation charity the World Land Trust (WLT) we balance our paper impact and protect the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats.

Choosing carbon balanced paper helps the WLT protect threatened habitats that would have otherwise been lost, avoiding the release of stored carbon. This also enables the regeneration of degraded habitats which gradually re-absorbs atmospheric CO. These habitats are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate, releasing stored carbon into the atmosphere and contributing to between 10 and 20% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Choosing carbon balanced paper is a simple way for us to offset our carbon impacts, protect forests, and save endangered species.

How it works?

Put simply, carbon balancing is where the carbon impacts of a product or service have been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is either prevented from being released into, or is absorbed from, the atmosphere. Carbon balancing is delivered by the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, who protect the world’s most biologically important and threatened habitats acre by acre. Their carbon balanced programme offsets emissions through the purchase and preservation of high conservation value forests.

Through land purchase of ecologically important standing forests under threat of clearance, carbon is locked that would otherwise be released. These protected forests are then able to continue absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. This is now recognised as one of the swiftest ways to arrest the rise atmospheric CO2 and global warming effects

Why is it important to our clients?

Taking positive action with carbon balanced paper helps us to enable our clients to print materials in a carbon-neutral manner, which helps them to deliver against their own Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Goals and Values. Our clients are telling us that businesses, government and public sector organisations and individual customers, employees and other stakeholders are increasingly focused on reducing their environmental impacts. Using carbon balanced paper is a simple choice that enables our customers to reduce the carbon impact of their paper and printed communications. The World Land Trust carbon balanced paper logo can be proudly featured on our client’s printed materials, to enable them to demonstrate and communicate their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint. We are also able to share with clients a certificate to highlight the amount of CO2e balanced and the area of threatened land that has been protected.

The positive impact

We are proud to be a certified Carbon Balanced Printer by the World Land Trust which means that we not only use carbon balanced paper, we also offset any unavoidable emissions that come from our production and supply chain too. Our partnership with The World Land Trust is at the heart of our Mindful Print and Mail Strategy and it is great to be part of a scheme that is having such a significant impact on the planet. To date the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Paper Programme has protected over 19,000 acres of threatened forest and 190,000 tonnes of CO2 have been balanced.  By choosing carbon balanced paper with us, our customers can reduce their carbon impact, protect endangered species and enhance their brand. Our goal is to deliver printed materials and direct mail campaigns that will generate great results for our customers and create an impact – an impact that is also positive for the environment and our planet.