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Success for us is helping our customers to print, communicate and reach their customers Smartly, Sustainably and Mindfully. The success of our customers and the impact of their campaigns is at the heart of everything we do. But, we also want to ensure that we have a positive impact on people, our communities and the planet.


B Corp


We offset all carbon in partnership with the World Land Trust and are one of few UK printers to qualify as a World Land Trust Carbon Balanced printer.

World Land Trust

We operate a Climate Positive Workforce, certified by Ecologi. By supporting Ecologi reforestation projects every member of our team is carbon positive (we offset their business travel, home, personal travel, holidays, food, and hobbies!). Through our partnership with Ecologi we have pledged to plant 1,000,000 trees by 2030.



We currently support Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust (located close to our JUMP North office) and Amwell View School and Specialist Sports College, for children with severe and complex learning difficulties (located close to our JUMP HQ in Hertfordshire).

Amwell View School


Every JUMP employee is supported to complete 20 hours community volunteering per year.

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Our mission is to deliver the highest quality, creative, professional Printing Services; smartly, sustainably, and mindfully.

Utilising our knowledge of eco friendly printing methods and the latest technologies in marketing, graphic design and print; we support our partners to reach their goals, whilst staying true to their values. Mindfully we bring brands to life; we make connections, generate results, and create reactions.

Forest Image
Forest Image


As a printer we became increasingly aware of the environmental impact of our industry and we didn’t want to sit back, accept things as they were and do nothing.

We decided to make a change and in doing so help our clients make positive changes too. We thrive on helping our clients make an impact with their customers; an impact that helps them to grow and to succeed. But we don’t want that impact to negatively impact on the environment. And, that’s when we started to do things differently.

Our focus was on craftsmanship, quality, speed, and price, but we realised we can achieve all four and be more mindful of our environment. We educated ourselves on how we can print smartly, sustainably, and mindfully. We made changes. Now at JUMP we help our customers achieve their goals, but we can also help them realise ways to achieve those goals, whilst being mindful of their environmental impact and true to their values.


JUMP is in the final stages of verification to become a Certified B Corp.

We want to be held publicly and transparently accountable for our social and environmental impacts, ensuring that we operate with the very best ethics and best practices at the forefront of all decisions.

In addition to formalising our environmental and social policies, we have amended our Articles of Incorporation with Companies House to consider the impact of our decisions on all our stakeholders – customers, employees, suppliers, the environment and local communities.

This means that we now have a binding and legal responsibility to act in the best interests of our stakeholders and not just our shareholders. We are committed to only use our business as a force for good.

Picking up litter from beach.
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At JUMP we are proud to be 100% Carbon Neutral. The three core principles at the heart of our Environmental practice are to:


We measure and calculate the carbon emissions inevitably generated in the value chain, reduce emissions wherever possible and offset the unavoidable via recognised carbon offset projects, with our environmental partners, the World Land Trust and Ecologi.

We offset 100% of our carbon production in partnership with the World Land Trust and we are one of the few UK printers to qualify as a World Land Trust Carbon Balanced Printer.

helping you print mindfully


Identify carbon neutral print solutions to meet your environmental goals.

Certify that your printing is derived solely from recycled resources or sustainably managed forests.

Ensure that any unavoidable carbon emissions from production and from the lives of our work force, have been offset through dedicated environmental projects.

Certify that your printing is Carbon Balanced by The World Land Trust; we can provide you with carbon balanced printing certificates and print your work with the prestigious World Land Trust Carbon Balanced stamp.

Use renewable energy derived from our 14,000 sq. ft. solar panelled roof, which saves over 52,000kg of CO2 each year.

Use vegetable-based inks and print alcohol free by removing IPA (Iso-Propyl Alcohol) reducing volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Handle sensitive customer data for mailings whilst being GDPR compliant and ICO certified.

Find materials that have the right look and feel, whilst helping you make your supply chain smarter.

Ensure zero waste to landfills

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