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Havas London is a flagship creative agency, united by a common purpose to create a meaningful difference to the brands, the businesses and lives of the people they work with.

They create purposeful brand solutions, through media experiences that matter, that change how audiences think and feel about your brand.


Digital Print


Trim Size: 190mm x 250mm
Extent: 44 pages
Printing: Full colour digital throughout
Materials: 280gsm Fenner "Sow Seeded"
Finishing: Creased, folded, trimmed to size and hand 'french sewn' finish

Print, read, then plant 🌱

At the beginning of the year, our client HAVAS, a creative agency, came to us with a challenge, to print their first ever “Impact Report” which would embrace the ultimate in “sustainability”.

We're not the kind to do things simply, so we decided to produce the world’s first “seeded paper”, plantable book publication, where no unnecessary chemicals were used, no wasted water used and no carbon impact on the environment.

Once read by their customers, they are invited to physically plant the pages of this report, as each page is germinated with a mix of hardy wildflower seeds which will blossom naturally over time and create a wildlife garden.

This is the meaning of smart, sustainable and mindful print.

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"Jump's commitment and delivery to this project was exceptional"

"As an agency with B-Corp status and with a mission to make a meaningful difference, it was important for HAVAS to find a supplier to work with who had the same values as us.

When I found Jump I knew from our first phone call they were committed to the challenge. I knew they offered sustainable print production but what we wanted was more, we wanted to produce a book that could completely disappear, have its own afterlife, not just be recycled but to make a meaningful difference.

Collaborating through a research and development phase, we settled on a book printed entirely from seeded paper. Jump was willing to push the capabilities of machinery and feed this fragile stock through their print press. We tested, using lower ink coverage so not to damage the seeds, we planted our tests making sure it could still grow after the print process, and it's still growing in my greenhouse and tortoise encloser at home! It lives on in another life!

In my 20 years of print production this has been one of the most rewarding projects to produce. Jump's commitment and delivery to this project was exceptional. Thank you!"

Creative Producer

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