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Striking the right note

Striking the
right note




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Long run litho print
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Music has changed a lot over the 20 years that Jump has been working with Universal (although some of their artists never go out of style). Over that time we’ve created up-to-date stationery, print, invitations and merchandise for glamorous music industry launches, all without a song and dance. Now that Universal Music Group has become the world’s leading music company, working across more than 60 countries with multiple brands, the tempo has only become faster.

Face the music

All the Universal teams can access our online ordering portal that was tailormade for their needs, making edits and complex orders easy to conduct. This arrangement keeps the brand looking consistent, with stock levels under control, while offering flexibility for those projects that are a little off-beat. We select a high end premium finish to amplify print work, often against demanding deadlines, creating stunning printed material that’s a sure-fire hit.

“Sometimes simplicity is all you need when things seem over complicated. Jump created simplicity and even more importantly reliability”


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