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Project Description

Capital gains

Orca Pay



Branding and identity
Creative concepts
Design and artwork


Short run digital


Website design
Web and Mobile UI

Small businesses work quickly and nimbly, so Jump developed the rebranding project for Orca Pay in the short time frame that they have come to expect. Their ambitions are anything but small so our brand redesign projects their ambition and confidence. Orca Pay sells its payroll services as an essential strategic resource for companies and so tasked Jump with creating their own strategic resources in terms of the brand and marketing.

Above our pay grade

Our comprehensive re-brand includes a new logo, marketing materials, business cards and merchandise. Promotional items such as brochures, roller banners and exhibition graphics are a vital part of their strategy for growth. Our swiftly executed website retains a cohesive look and feel, complete with a content management system, handing the controls back to the company. We’re delighted to hear how well the new look and marketing is paying off.

“We tasked Jump with providing us a complete marketing solution as a small business in its infancy this seemed the ideal solution. I can only say that the Jump team exceeded my expectation and are now integral to our ongoing marketing success.”


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