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Project Description

Farm to fork

Mindful Chef



Brand guidelines
Creative visuals


Short run digital
Long run litho print
Bespoke finishes
Mailing distribution

Some things just can’t wait, and that definitely includes dinner. Our client Mindful Chef delivers weekly recipe boxes, choc full of healthy ingredients sourced from small Devon farms. This boils down to an ever changing menu of recipe cards, brochures and stickers, all of which need to look as fresh and crisp as the food itself.

A matter of taste

Jump serves up the weekly order of printed materials with knife-edge timing, as the Mindful Chef business model depends on a fast turnaround. Luckily, creating appetising work on demand is our bread and butter and we relish the challenge.

“Our relationship with the Jump team has been integral to our success from day one in business. They are a trusted supplier and an extension of our marketing team”


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