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Project Description

Taking the law into our hands

Taking the law
into our hands

Ewing Law



Branding and identity
Creative concepts
Design and artwork


Short run digital


Website design
Web and Mobile UI

Ewing Law have made a name for themselves by handling some of the most complex and unpredictable legal cases, but they wanted a rebrand that was exactly the opposite: straightforward and trustworthy. The key was to modernise and refresh the look of the firm whilst ensuring it still felt as dependable as ever.

Judge for yourself

An elegant serif font logo spells out the letter of the law, while the carefully chosen colour palette is muted and traditional, creating a calm, reassuring feel. The website is easily edited by the firm themselves as needed through their CMS, to keep it up to date. It is equally easy for clients to navigate, with essential information close at hand and unmissable contact points. The rebrand translated seamlessly to letterheads and email signatures too. The verdict? Case closed.

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