Hybrid Mail solutions help businesses to print and post their everyday letters and documents.
Our Hybrid Mail services enable you to automate processes, so that you can transfer outbound mail files electronically to us for printing, specialist production and distribution by mail. To put it simply, you upload your letters directly from any desktop or business application directly to our production facility (with no hardware or software investment required), where we print, insert into envelopes, and post your items for you the same day. Hybrid Mail can be set-up in days, to fully automate the printing and distribution of your outbound communications. It’s completely scalable, giving teams the flexibility they need in changeable times, and has been adopted widely as a solution for mailing outbound communications such as payslips, invoices and service updates.


Partially Addressed Mail (PAM) is a standard addressed advertising mail product. When a client doesn’t have the customer address data that they need, we can help them to identify prospective customers using sophisticated targeting. We can target households using geo-demographics at postcode level. The mailings can be partially addressed to ‘The Occupant,’ or to make the mailings more attractive, they can be addressed to a relevant collective name, such as ‘Food Lover’ for example. Because the customers personal name is not used in this process the mailing becomes completely GDPR compliant. 

* A minimum of 10,000 addresses must be mailed

 How do we identify target addresses?

  • We interrogate your existing customer data to identify customer ‘rich’ postcodes.
  • We generate heat maps to visually identify customer rich areas.
  • We identify similar customer postcodes using geo-demographic profiling.
  • We generate highly targeted strategic mailing address lists.
  • We execute smart campaigns that deliver results.


Using Programmatic Mail, we can help our clients to re-engage with existing customers based on their customers appetites and anniversaries. This can help you to improve the relevance of your mailings and make your customers feel more valued, which in turn can boost response rates and enhance customer retention.

 How do we identify target addresses?

  • We interrogate your customer data to identify intelligence about target recipients; things like appetites, previous bookings/orders, and price points.
  • We plan and prepare highly personalised, strategic mailings.
  • We print fully personalised marketing materials, with copy and images tailored to individual customer preferences.
  • We use digital production methods that enable us to produce large volumes and highly personalised mailings fast – within the very shortest timescales.
  • We execute smart campaigns that deliver results.

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