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Although online security makes the headlines, physical security of your business can be just as crucial. A strong system inspires confidence, but in the case of Custom Intelligent Security, their branding was having the opposite effect. A total rebranding project was required to instil confidence and reflect the dynamism of the company.

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With a smart, upmarket client base of City companies, the existing 90’s style branding was cause for alarm, so Jump developed an authoritative new look which encompassed a new website, vehicle livery, literature and branded clothing.

Custom Intelligent Security sees itself not just as a protector of assets but as a business enabler, and we know that the right brand and design works in the same way. We’ve locked down their font and colour palette for future projects, including in-house training presentations and advertising, leaving them with a secure path ahead.

“What Jump achieved had a
huge affect on the perception
of our business. This was a true
game changer and the impact
on the business has more than
exceeded our expectations.”



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