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Nailing the right look is more than a passing interest to a fashion professional: it’s an obsession. We know our work for Business of Fashion magazine has to meet the same rigorous requirements, as it’s held to the highest standards in the industry (no pressure!). The large format bi-annual magazine we produce has become something of a collectable amongst influencers within the Fashion industry. In a competitive space, maintaining its authority and reputation is crucial.

to kill

We chose the stock magazine as carefully as any couturier. Breaking new ground, we researched and tested uncoated paper that would work with the ink and finishes we desired. We stitched a smaller magazine within the main issue and managed the global roll-out of the finished design, making a real fashion statement. And for those lucky insiders who are invited to the best fashion industry events of the year, Jump creates all the event materials and bespoke high end invitations. Like all the best parties, the anticipation begins with the arrival of the invitation and we love rising to the occasion.

“A perfect magazine time after time which has been extremely well received on a global scale! I look forward to working with Jump on future projects and issues.”



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